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Nova Group has developed the magnificent housing Society Nova City Islamabad, which is also responsible for many renowned luxury housing ventures in the different cities of Pakistan. Mr Chaudary Junaid Afzal, who is well-educated and wise, is the company's owner. Our company is renowned for providing exceptional real estate services. Mr Afzal assures that each of his projects adheres to worldwide design and construction regulations.

Nova Group has the plan to meet every requirement. It's like a raincoat that protects you from the elements while providing everything you need for a complete and comfortable existence. We have wanted to ensure that our staff has access to everything they require, as well as everything they want. Our projects include Nova City, a wealthy community designed to meet accommodation and industrial needs, like Nova One, an extravagant endeavor where your every wish can come true. Nova Premier School is an extraordinary educational institution, and Nova City School is a welcoming learning environment for all students.


The residents of Nova City, Islamabad, have always strived for excellence. Nova City Developers has created a unique housing plan to meet the needs of both current and potential buyers. The work we have done is a symbol of artistic excellence. On this point, we will never give in to pressure. Each project receives our full attention, and we strive to create something unique and opulent.

Our Mission

We pride ourselves on completing projects on schedule without sacrificing quality. Our in-house team of highly skilled architects is responsible for designing all of our projects to exacting specifications and following global guidelines. In addition, we strive to be at the cutting edge of our field in all our endeavors by providing first-rate dwelling facilities and successful business spaces with immaculate décor. Although our mission is to deliver only premium services to our valued customers, our team of specialists always provides innovative and effective results.

Nova City Vision

Our Vision

Compared to our rivals, we stand out because of our dedication to quality. We give each project our full attention and strive to make it a haven of luxury for our clients. We've created cutting-edge business and residential structures to provide a luxurious new standard of living. The reliable Nova City developers have developed all the best conveniences people dream of having. Our construction and artistry are second to none.

The company's vision is to provide clients with the most cost-effective building services and innovative options. Eventually, Nova Group hopes to become the go-to company for all residential construction projects, thanks to our innovative methods and state-of-the-art techniques. Furthermore, we were the first in the industry to implement AI strategies in real estate development endeavors.

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