Nova City
Nova City Farmhouse
Nova City Farmhouse


The qualified specialists have conceptualized and created the Nova City Farmhouses' grand plan. The developers of Farmhouses have guaranteed that their homes would feature all of the same conveniences found in any modern farmhouse in the country. All the unique features of the Farmhouses will have included as well. The costs at the Farmhouse will be affordable. The developers have kept the prices of their goods cheap so that even casual investors can afford them. The available farmhouses in Society are
  • Two Kanal
  • Four Kanal

4 thoughts on “Nova City Farmhouse

  1. hi email me payment plan and other details. and current pix of any development for cheapest option in farm house 2 kanal.

  2. Aoa. 2kanal and 4 kanal farm house area ki payment plan, location ki information please. Booking procedure details bhi with required documents information bhi chaiye. Thanks

  3. Send me installment plan if Two canal Farm house. Also pl give detail of development charges.

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