Nova City
Nova City Esport Block
Nova City Esport Block


Nova City Islamabad Esport Complex, with athletic facilities like a football field and badminton court, has been launched by Nova Group. The developers have created the E-Sports Block to encourage healthy living. Top management completes a green housing program. The builders' promise and intention to develop a green residential neighborhood near the Esports Block. The developers have created residential properties in this block are
  • Eight Marla Plot
  • Fourteen Marla Plot

The Payment Plan For Esport Block Plots Of Nova City Islamabad:

  • The cost of the 8 Marla lands is Rs 4,004,000/-. The down payment is Rs 810,000/-. Also, the prices over forty monthly installments are Rs 20,870/-or Rs 158,000/- for eight bi-annual installments.
  • The cost of the 14 Marla lands is Rs 6,750,000/-. The down payment is Rs 1,425,000/-. Also, the prices over forty monthly installments are Rs 30,875/-or Rs 275,000/- for eight bi-annual installments.

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