Nova City
Amenities & Features

Top Features & Amenities

Amenities & Features Plots for sale at Nova City, one of the finest residential properties in Islamabad, are available at surprisingly low prices. Society developers have designed it with the idea that everyone should have access to high-quality, modern living in a convenient setting.


Ideal Placement

The prime location of Nova City Islamabad is a significant feature in the achievement of the development. Increased interest in the infrastructure supporting this community means there is a good chance your investment will yield a healthy return. In addition, Nova City Islamabad is selling plots for a luxurious future.


Secured Society

Secured Society A boundary wall gives a sense of safety that is vital for residents to assume at all times, day or night because the only thing that ultimately matters is their safety. A person is constantly, and rightfully so, concerned about protecting their family, and no resident or speculator may be willing to contribute to the project if the Society does not provide a secure atmosphere. It is the reason why Nova City is a great residential neighborhood.


Top-Notch Infrastructure

Top-Notch Infrastructure The developers have constructed the highways, buildings, and sturdy infrastructure using sophisticated features and the most cutting-edge construction equipment to ensure the smooth flow of traffic. In addition, the developers have intended to provide the best architecture due to the perseverance of the architects and employees, who exert a great deal of effort throughout the project to create a modern and luxurious residential community. Parks And Recreational Areas



Parks And Recreational Areas


The creators of Nova ensured that inhabitants not only enjoy a luxurious lifestyle but also enjoy nature. The environment is a crucial factor influencing an individual's disposition and health. For residents to keep an active lifestyle, the project provides a variety of parks with tranquil vistas that will undoubtedly quiet their hearts. 


No Load-Shedding Zone

Nova City has assured us that the residents of this secure community will not experience any power outages. Still, if they do, standby facilities will be necessary for the consumer to ensure a constant and continuous electricity supply. Furthermore, gas and water services are provided to residents because then they do not have any inconveniences. Extravagant Lifestyle



Extravagant Lifestyle

The project's infrastructure has based on contemporary developments, and its strategies adhere to universal standards. Society, in addition, shows a demonstration of the modern way of living, extraordinarily sketched out most extraordinarily. The structures of the furnishings show off an aristocratic influence, and the property represents international designs.

Features of Nova City Islamabad

 Some features of this remarkable Society are • Gated Secured Community

• Serene Environment

• Aesthetic Architecture

• A 120 Ft. Boulevard

• Several Water Filtration Plants

• Best Drainage System

• Gyms And Fitness Facilities

• Playgrounds

• Schooling Institute

• Medical Care Centre

• Commercial Zone

• Masjids

• Well-Established Dumping System

Amenities & Features
Amenities & Features


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