Fee Structure:

The Fee is deposited in the JS Bank, New City Phase II, Wah branch from 1st to 10th of every month, Fee structure & other charges are as under:

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PG to Grade 3 Rs. 8,811 20% Rs. 7,040
Grade 4 to Grade 7 Rs. 10,050 20% Rs. 8,000
Grade 8 to 10th Rs. 11,074 20% Rs. 8,800
Admission Fee Rs. 11,340 55% Rs. 5,000
Stationery Charges Rs. 6,804 26% Rs. 5,000
Annual Charges Equal to one month tuition fee once a year
Security Equal to month tuition fee

* Scholarship and discount are available.

General Rules:

1. The student who intends to leave the institution, should apply to the Principal for this purpose one month in advance. The application must be signed by the parents/guardian.
2. The school leaving certificate will only be issued to a student whose fee/other dues have been cleared by the parents/guardian.
3. The name of a student will be dropped from the school rolls if (s)he remains absent for 6 days or more in a month, continuously or otherwise, without prior approval. Such cases need to reapply for admission within 15 days and will be required to pay admission fee as per school policy.
4. Security will only be refunded if the students complete one year at NCS.

Fee Concession:

- 10% fee concession is granted as siblings discount.
- 20% concession will be granted to orphans.



- Need-Based-Scholarships students will be required to pay Rs 1000/- per month tuition fees. For continuation of this scholarship, students need to perform well as per NCS exam criteria persistently. Separate merit list will be prepared for all those applying for Need-Based-Scholarship from Grades 1-7.

- Merit-Based-Scholarships are being offered to facilitate the students with a minimum of 80% fee waiver. These scholarships will be offered to all those high performers in Grades 7-9, who obtain more than 80% marks in NCS entry test. Students must maintain similar performance in order to continuously secure these scholarships in future exams/tests as well.


For Boys

Class Shirt Trousers Shoes Socks Necktie Cap Blazer/
Belt Sports Uniform
White Shirt With
School Monogram
Grey Black (round toe) Black Blue with Yellow
Navy Blue
Cap with
School Monogram
Navy Blue
School Monogram
Black Belt Royal Blue
Yellow Striped
Track Suit with
School Monogram

For Girls

Class Shirt / kameez Shalwar Shoes Socks Blazer/
Scarf & Dupatta Sports Uniform
To 3
White Top with
Grey Collar & Grey Skirt
Grey Skirt with
White Legging
(medium toe)
White Navy Blue
* Royal Blue
Yellow Striped
Track Suit
School Monogram
4 To 10 Grey checked Kameez
Grey cuff & Collar
Single Grey checked
Pocket at belt height
School Monogram
White Shalwar White Sash/
White Dupatta with
Grey Pippen

Note: Uniform is not required for play group students.


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